If you have a project that you need help to produce and show the world, Stone Knight Production can help you with your project. Contact us by email and explain want type of project that you want to do.

We provide services in the following:

  • Short film

  • Feature-Length film

  • Commercial

  • Special events

  • Interview

  • Documentary

  • Music videos



We know there are writers out in the world wondering if their story good for the Big Screen or Television.


So, they seek out consultants to read their stories to give them a report on where they go wrong or guide them.  If you are seeking a full analysis report on your story’s, seek out a script consultant. ​Future Film Writer loves to read a story from a long-term Writer or new beginner.


We will read your story from beginning to end and then turn around reread your story by breaking down the plot of the story and characters, explain the scenes in the story and finally give you our overall view on how we feel about your story.


It’s plain and simple; we just read your story and criticize how we think about your story. Once again, we are no consultants, and we do not critique in full detail.


We just critics, and we love reading stories.

Fee: $1.00 per page