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Our goal of Stone Knight Productions and Future Film Writers is to help inspire screenwriters to break into the industry. We feel your story and time are correct, we will send it with full backing to our producer or director within SKP (Stone Knight Productions). Of course, we always obtain prior consent from the writer before doing so.

The prize award helps the writer continue writing, but ultimately, every writer wants to see their words spoken on screen. We also provide services to small businesses, promoting their product and business through (commercials, music videos, interviews, and documentaries).

Owner 'Dell Sanders' Journey

Dell Sanders's journey began as a filmmaker in 1998, with two other guys planning to become filmmakers.  Instead, however, Dell had taken on the task of being a screenwriter, taking some courses in film history and film writing classes with solid support from his family, friends, and kids (a few of his kids have hidden talents) they inspired him to continue his journey in the film industry.

By 2005, Dell had completed three stories (Bad Day, SmokeHouse, and Draw).  Draw, and Bad Day, he placed into a few screenwriting competitions.  Unfortunately, only (Draw) received excellent reviews but won no contest.

By 2007, Dell decided to produce his own stories from 2008 to 2012 with a film production that he owned and called “Open Curtain Productions, LLC.”  Then a tragedy hit home for him when the loss of a very special person close to his heart passed away in 2016; from that year, he stepped away from the film business and closed Open Curtain Production.

2018, Dell returned to the film world inspired by his fiancée with a new name, “Stone Knight Productions, LLC.”  Since his return, he has faced a whole new social media and film business that has changed with the streaming service in high demand on every device.  So, now Dell created a platform for Writers and upcoming Independent filmmakers under Stone Knight Productions.  So, come and join Dell Sanders on his new journey in the film industry.

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