Cancel Adult Contest 3.26.2021



To the Young Youth future Writers of today and forever. You, writers, are our top (27) storytellers for Future Film Writers season 2: (Youth Short) screenwriting contest.


Now, here is the list of stories that enter the Future Film Writers contest of 2021.




Action/ Adventure:

Action Boy by Donald Shoee

Jack Imagination by Donald Holt

Treasure Hunter by Mitchell Brixton




Stop and Smell the Flowers by Ranjani Sathyan




Happy to Be by Roy Walls

I am Cody by Barbara Reeds

Under the Bridge by Serena Johnson




Con Artist by Aanika Eragam

Daddy Dance with Me by Shawn Suanders

Flower Girl by Gabriella Busansky

I am the Storm by Anna Wells

In the Box by Lily Stecyuk

My Boyfriend and I by Lisa Stoneshoe

Not Wanted by Addison McArdle

Poop by Ranjani Sathyan

Tell Me a Secret by Lisa Sherry

Train to Bend by Nathan Pham







Peace by Mike O’Tule

Someone is Here in the House by Mark Dave Boyle

The Haunted Inn by Alexis Trovato

The Sandman is a Woman by Jenn Uche



Sci-Fi/ Fantasy:

My 4 friends by Dave Lee Shawntin

My Neighbors are Aliens by Elias Williamson

Search for Mary by Lisa Reed

They Are coming by Ralph Johnson

This my Hood by James Huu

Time by Steven Lee Wu

Good Luck Young Writers

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